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27.9.2008 Církvice

„Il bianco e dolce cigno“
Renaissance Madrigals

Jacob Arcadelt (1514-1557) - Il bianco e dolce cigno
John Bennet (1575-1614) - Weep, o mine eyes
Orlando di Lasso (1532-1594) - Je l'ayme bien

Captain Tobias Hume (1569-1645) - The spirit of gambo
Captain Tobias Hume (1569-1645) - Sir Humprey
Captain Tobias Hume (1569-1645) - Life

Baltassare Donati (1530-1603) – Canzon Villanesche alla Napolitana
Thomas Morley (1558-1603) - April is in my mistress' face
Adrian Willaert (1480- 1562) - Vecchie letrose

Giuseppe Caimo (1545-1584) - Piangete valli
Josquin des Prez (1440-1521) - Mille Regretz
Claudin de Sermisy (1490-1562) - Vous perdez temps de me dire mal d'elle

The Bird Fancyer's Delight (1717) -
Linnet, Bullfinch, Canary Bird, Sparrow, Skylark, Linnet, Woodlark, Sparrow, Canary Bird, Linnet, Nightingale, East Indian Nightingale

Cipriano de Rore (1515-1565) - Charita di signore
Cipriano de Rore (1515-1565) - Ancor che col partire
Cipriano de Rore (1515-1565) - Mia benigna fortuna
Cipriano de Rore (1515-1565) - Ben qui si mostra il ciel
Cipriano de Rore (1515-1565) – Ne l'aria in questi di


The gentle white swan, singing, dies;
and I, weeping approach the end of my life.
The difference is strange: he dies disconsolate,
and I die blessed.
That death, which is not to die but to fill me with all joy and desire:
if in dying thus I will not feel sorrow,
I will be pleased to die a thousand times each day.