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I edited these viol pieces to make them easier to print / read:

Manchester Viol Book
  • Wooddicocke (N-04)
  • two Preludiu by R. Sumarte (N-08, N-09)
  • Queene Marie Thumpe by R. Sumarte (I-01)
  • What if a daye by R. Sumarte (I-02)
  • Fortune by R. Sumarte (I-03)
  • Robin is to the greense=woode gon by R. Sumarte (I-04)
  • Whoope doe me no harme by R. Sumarte (I-05)
  • Daphne by R. Sumarte (I-06)
  • Monusiers Alman by Mr R. Sumarte (I-07)
  • Salte pitts by R. Sumarte (I-08)
  • Lacrymae by R. Sumarte (I-09)
  • Buildings by R. Sumarte (I-10)
  • Nightingale by R. Sumarte (I-12)
  • Untitled by R. Sumarte and Untitled by Mr Elliot Oxon (I-16, I-17)
  • Untitled by Younge (I-18)
  • Untitled by Stephen Goodall (I-19)
  • Untitled by Stephen Goodall (I-23)
  • Saraband by Younge (I-24)
  • Untitled by Younge and Saraband by Woodson (I-26, I-27)

    Hotman - Suite (Warsaw manuscript)
  • Variation
  • Sarabande Grave
  • Prelude
  • Ballet

  • Sartor - historical costumes

    Free old sheetmusic in a pdf format (all you need is freeware Adobe Reader):
  • Choral Public Domain Library
  • Werner Icking Music Archive
  • Werner Icking - Other Free Sheet Music Archives
  • Free Sheetmusic from Johan Tufvesson
  • Instrumental
  • Renaissance music
  • Guitar, lute
  • laymusic
  • Acadia Early Music Archive
  • Captain Humes Musicall Humors
  • Tobi's Notenarchiv
  • Steve Hendricks Music Collection
  • Simone Olivieri's Music
  • Free Choral Music Sheet
  • Mutopia Project
  • Choral scores
  • ...and there is more. Search on Internet by yourselves and if you run into something big, you can let us know.

    Musicians, instruments, workshops, etc.
  • International Summer School of Early Music, Valtice
  • Summer School of Early Music, Prachatice
  • baroque ensemble Florilegium
  • Early Music Shop
  • gamba pages of Michael and Mária Brüsssing, Vienna
  • singer Jill Rogoff from Izrael
  • Karel Dvoracek, Vocum canticum bonarum