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Chamber ensemble Verbascum (now Collegium Verbascum) was founded in Decin in 1990. The basis of our repertoire has always been Renaissance music, with sporadic forays into baroque, medieval, and contemporary music. The group has changed over the years, and currently includes Vera Pokorna, (soprano, formerly alto, member since 1990), Jitka Kalivodova (alto, member since 1992), Milan Suchanek (tenor, member since 1992), and Pavel Pokorny, (bass, member since 1990). Occassionally we cooperate with lutenist Tomas Najbrt from Prague. Several times we attended early music courses in Valtice, time to time we have the pleasure of making music with our gamba-playing friends from Vienna.
As four singers we sing mainly Renaissance four-part songs. When possible, we perform with lute and viola da gamba accompaniment, as it is more pleasant and interesting for both us and the audience. We do not produce a loud sound: our performances are rather chamberlike and are best suited to small halls or churches. We are able to arrange mixed programs for events such as 'medieval feasts', but this should always be for an enclosed space with appropriate acoustics. Our music is not suitable for open-air performances in the middle of pitchers and swordsmen, or for singing with microphones.